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Blog Blast for Peace, 2016


In my lifetime, I have known only peace. I've never had to live through "rockets red glare" as promised in the Star Spangled Banner. I have lived on safe streets in quiet neighborhoods. Outside of the ever-present risk of personal assault, I have never lived within the theater of war.

Because of this, I've been able to stretch my mind and capacities to take outrageous risks. I worked my way through college. I survived being kicked out of  the house at 17 years old. I caught a kid coming off a trampoline. I moved to Denver with my then boyfriend. I was able to leave jobs, start new careers, make money, get laid off, lose money, go hiking, backpacking, and generally, enjoy my life.

I have lived in peace my entire life.

I have also battled for peace my entire life. My father was a "carry a big stick" guy. We argued back and forth for most of our life.

Peace is intelligent (my side) and important.

Peace is naive (his side) and impossible.

This was a battle of words and wills, not arms, made possible by the lack of war in my hometown.

I protested at university and made certain any of my investments were clean. I battled for peace inside the heads of my psychotherapy patients. In my writing, I battle for peace in every story.

I've been tremendously lucky to live in such peace. I'm tremendously lucky to battle for peace.

Just some thoughts on Blog Blast for Peace day.