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Time to take a look at your passwords. Here's the best strategy:

Change your password at least once a year!

Let's go over passwords again.

Since every single password manager has been hacked, your best bet is to create a memorable password for every site you're on. Here's how:

1. Pick a word, but not someone's name, that you'll remember -- favorite place, tarot card, food, bird, fish, animal, whatever -- just something you remember.  Picking a child or spouses name is very predictable as is where you went to school. It's a big world -- cast widely. Some people even put their goal for the year in their passwords: Lose10# or Walkmore or Findlove. You get the idea.

For our example, we'll use "Bison".

2. Create a code for every site you're on. Some people use the first letter of the site, ex., M for Microsoft. Most people, including me, use 3 letters. I do this because I'm on so many sites. So Microsoft becomes MIC or Mic.
Now our password is "BisonMIC"

3. I add a "-". This is a personal thing. It adds a non-letter or number character which is often required. They are not allowed on some sites, so just be forwarned.
Our password is now "BisonMIC-"

4. Then add the year, in this case 2017.
Finally our password for Microsoft is "BisonMIC-2017"

This is an easy to remember way to have a super secure "strong" password that is also memorable. You change the year every year and you have a new password. If your details are hacked from Yahoo or Adobe or lets say your password manager, the only password will be for a specific site. You're golden everywhere else.

And turn on your 2-step verification. This is an easy way to make all of your accounts more secure.

Any questions? Get to work!