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Let there be peace!


In 2006, I saw a blog post that stopped me dead in my tracks. Mimi Lenox talked about how, for one day, we could focus on peace. This became the BlogBlast for Peace. It's now seen around the world by thousands of people every year.

Peace is important to me. It's the thing I wished for on every candle. People would say to me: "What do you want, and don't say anything stupid like 'peace in the world!'"

There's nothing dumb about peace.

In my lifetime, there's been more and more peace. We have learned to live with each other in a peace our ancestors would not recognize.

Yes, there is still war.

Yes, there is still hardship and atrocities.

But there are less of them. We should take heart in that fact.

And continue.

How do you create peace? Lao Tsu breaks it down.

If you want peace, you must develop peace in your heart first. Only then can you share it with your family to create a peaceful family. A peaceful family brings about a peaceful neighborhood which, in turn, creates a peaceful city. Peaceful cities create peaceful countries. Peaceful nations agree to peace in the world.

Don't be disheartened by the chaos you see. Peace is here and growing. That's why the crazy are so upset.