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We are the same -- you and I -- at least 99% the same

We share 99% of the same genetics. Not similar. Not kind of a like. The very same genes.

The extra fluff is the stuff is cultural. For example, prior to 1700s, no one tracked who was white and who was black. So much so that no one (and I mean not a single person) knows when the mutation to white came about. In fact, it's never mentioned. Power and wealth were not determined by skin color. And some of the wealthiest and most powerful were dark.

People only started keeping track in the 1700s. They did this as a way to justify slavery in the Americas.

Racism is cultural. Sexism is cultural. They hide the truth that we are the same. #60days2Peace


Update: This post originally said we had 91% the same genetics. It turns out we have 99% the same genetics.