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How can we love the world when it's so... bleeh?

At the desk, 9:54 a.m.

How can we love the world right now? I mean seriously, everything is falling apart. Everything!

Or is it?

Yes, there is global warming. Our environment is changing because for the last few hundred years human beings have pumped nasty stuff into the atmosphere. Now, whether it would have happened anyway, seems to be up for debate, but we all know the environment is changing. I'll give you that.

But everything else?

There's less violent crime in the world than there has ever been. There are fewer wars and famines than there have ever been in the world. Traditional enemies are sitting down to tables to negotiate a kind of peace and prosperity. Nuclear armament is low and the itchy finger is not longer hovering over the trigger.

Most of us live, day in and day out, in peace.

And yes, there are some greedy bastards in the world.

Strangers reach out to help people who have more cancer than medical insurance. Strangers give money to help other strangers start or grow businesses. Strangers loan money to people so they can begin to live a better life. Strangers meet on Social Media to support other strangers taking over their country in peaceful demonstration.

Sure, it's not perfect. The world is full of people and people are definitely not perfect. But in every circumstance, people are striving for peace, longing for peace, protesting and fighting for peace.

How can we not love the world?

Moreover, what will it get us if we don't?

We need to do the hero work of loving the world. It's really not that hard. The easiest way is to close your eyes and think "I love the world."

Try it.

I am.