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Life Admin overwhelm.


Have you noticed how much time you spend doing "Life Admin"?

Now, I should preface this with the fact that I remember when everything was analog.

If you wanted to deposit a check into the bank, you simply slipped an envelope under the door. (Yes, really.)

My father used to "drop off" bills because he didn't want to spend the stamp -- and there were places to drop off payments. (Of course, it never occurred to him that he was spending more gasoline in this little act of rebellion to convention. That's another matter.)

I remember my first ATM. I remember my first Internet bank transfer. I remember depositing a check using my phone.

These are luxuries I couldn't have imagined when I was growing up in my sleepy college town.

So hooray for convenience... and OMG, there's so much to do!

Trying for a simpler life, we have streamlined most of our accounts.

This helped a great deal when we did it, but now there's so many other accounts to manage.

Everything has a special login that they will happily share with Russian hackers at their earliest convenience. Or then there's Ransomware.

Of course, you can get a password protector that works until they are hacked and you're back in the position of changing all of your passwords and email addresses.

Some days, I'm completely overwhelmed by all of the life crap there is to do -- and that's not to mention visits with doctors for my back, pt, scans, and... and... and...

And, there's so much more left to do!

How do you manage it all?