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Poison the whole lake?

"If you put poison in one side of a lake, it doesn't stay there. It poisons the whole lake," Caryl Gopfert

It's merely a fact of life. What you put in the lake of your life will spread to the whole of your life.

Trauma is like that. If you were traumatized as a child, those few moments of trauma can poison your entire life. If you have experienced a great betrayal, you will see betrayal around every corner.

If you poison your mind with hatred, you will poison your entire life.

I live in a country that has been traumatize and is now poisoned by hatred.

This guy hated us so he blew up the World Trade Towers. We hated him for what he did and went to war against two independently sovereign countries which killed hundred of thousands of people. This, in turn, caused more people to hate us. But that's all right because we hate them more and we have bigger guns. Right?

Here at home, a bunch of elected officials decide they are against change so they set out to block it at every turn. They spew hate and vitriol against every vulnerable party - women, poor people, hungry children. They even have a few radio programs where unhealthy looking drug addicts spew their innate hatred for everyone and every thing.

Look around you. Open any news website or newspaper or read the comments to any article.

Hate, disguised as "rational thought,"  spread through our emotional and mental landscape like poison.

We hate them. They hate us. They lie. We lie. They're wrong. We're wrong. Someone's wrong*!! (not me)


We have to just stop.

There is nothing we can do about them; that's true. We can change the world by changing what lives in our own heart.

If we want to change the world, we must focus our own hearts toward peace.