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And then the doctor said...

At the desk, 11:09 a.m.

I had a mad morning then rushed off to see the back doctor. I've been going to PT for my back injury for the last few months.

PT is brutal. It's like a car wreck in the middle of my week. Everything is running smoothly and then WHAM I go to PT. We do super painful exercises. He does Trigger Point Dry Needling.  And WHAM! My life grinds to a halt. One day... two days... three days... and I'm back to normal again.

I realize that my normal is like the roadrunner on speed. I work a lot. I have a lot going on in my life. Any day can range from harvesting lettuce and kale for my neighbors to writing to taking care of the bees to doing laundry to lunch with friends to...

And when I say my life grinds to a halt, I mean that I can do about a fourth of what I usually do.

Most people say that's enough. Why not just enjoy a little downtime?

But it drives me freakin' crazy!

At the suggestion of the PT, I went to see the doc to talk about pain. I tell him my story. He is incredibly sympathetic. He reads my MRI, nods again, then said:

"I can rebuild you."

"Do you have the technology?" I asked. "Will I be better than I was?"

"Stronger and faster," he said. "That's for sure."

You can see he's the right doctor for me.