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The universe responds or what can I do? (part two)

At the desk, 9:48 a.m.

Last night, my fortune cookie read:

Love. I read this as Love, period.

I don't believe much in signs from the universe. Even a mention of the Secret makes me a little nauseous.

But coincidence is a little too eerie, too close to home, not to mention. I think I'm on the right track with my decision to meditation for the world.

On other notes, I've had a number of emails and comments about doing the loving kindness meditation.

Listen, the meditation is only something to engage the mind while you do the hard work - focus on sending love to the world, your world. You can do that by saying the rosary, or repeating Deepak Chopra's favorite meditation: say "So" while you breathe in and "Hum" when you breathe out, or think "love, love, love" or simply send thoughts and prayers.

What you do matters less than the act of consciously doing it.

It is important is that you love. Period.