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The thing about summer....

At the desk, 12:57 p.m.

If I close my eyes, even just for a moment during the summer, it will be over by the time I open them again.

This morning, I got up to work on a project for Denver Cereal. Then we walked to breakfast. On the way back, we detoured through the farmer's market to get cherries - yum - and walked through City Park. We sat at Ferril Lake for a while cooling off then turned to come home.

It's light, warm, and fairly fabulous.

And, I know, in a breath it will be gone. So I'm going to do my best to enjoy it.

Updates on things from this week:

I've done my 108 loving kindness meditations - 4 times and will do it again today. So far, I'm doing about 1/4 of them to myself to start (as advised by Jack Kornfield) and sticking with sending loving kindness to "my world." If you missed, the universe responds that's fairly wild.

I've been out walking every day except Thursday - We haven't added any jogging or running which is just as well as my back is sore. I do have a tens unit and usually use it after we get back. So far, I've mostly enjoyed the simple prospect of getting out.

Because it's so hot here, I'm going to try new lettuce varieties - I ordered a few hot weather lettuce varieties this week and received them in time to plant on Monday. I received Jerricho, which was created for Israel, and a few Cos varieties. At the suggestion of a friend, I'm going to try germinating a few varieties in the basement where it's still cool. The hope is to have fresh, home grown lettuce all summer.

I'm re-reading the The Thin Man after watching all of the movies - I do love the movies but the book is truly much better than any of them. (The movies have stuff I can live without - racism, alcoholism, and battery.)

That's what's going on here. Hope you're enjoying your summer (or winter if you live in the other hemisphere.)