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Worth sharing

I found this in Rob Brezney's astrology newsletter. I get his newsletter in order to figure out what the next week might look like for me. Unfortunately, being a very literal person, I mostly don't understand what he's saying. It's still a bright point in my week.

This was part of the inspirational part of the newsletter.


Mirabilia n. innovations generated by unseen presences, enigmatic
phenomena on the cusp between fake and real, odd acts of deliverance
that inspire love or wonder or both; from the Latin mirabilia, "marvels."

* In 2002, scientists discovered a secret underground river running 800
feet below a Mauritanian town in the Sahara Desert. With a flow rate of
8,450 gallons per hour, it is the biggest unnamed river in the world.

* Oblivious to dire biblical prophecies about swarms of locusts, residents
of Beijing, China, warmly greeted their arrival in 2002. They scooped the
insects up in large bags, deep-fried them, and made them the main dish of
an enormous feast.

* Two percent of your fears are based in fact and are actually worth
worrying about, while the other 98 percent are either imagined or else not
yours, having infected you through the psychic version of contagion.

* Astronomers have discovered a crystal as big as our moon at the core
of a dying white dwarf star.

* A Japanese genius invented a robot that can belly dance.

* Twelve percent of the population believes that Joan of Arc was Noah's

* Because half of the world's vanilla crop is grown in Madagascar, the
whole island smells like vanilla ice cream.

* Your body contains so much iron that you could make a spike out of it,
and that spike would be strong enough to hold you up.

* Bali has 80,000 temples.

* Some piranhas are vegetarians.