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Thursday Thirteen - Say what?

Growing up around schizophrenic alcoholics, I deeply value the truth.  I really like honest people.  I am very sensitive to the things people say that aren't exactly lies but also aren't the truth.

Thirteen things people say that mean something else.

Thursday Thirteen #3:

1.  "Will you excuse me for a moment?" Actual meaning: I'm running away as fast as I possibly can.

2.  "No you don't look fat."  Actual meaning: I do not want to have an honest conversation with you because I won't (a) get laid, (b) look as hot standing next to you, or (c) get another moment of peace.

3.  "What a pretty baby." Actual meaning: Your baby looks like a potato.  Even the genetically blessed Shiloh Jolie Pitt looked like a potato when she was an infant.

4.  "I don't mind if you: smoke, fart, belch, swear, (fill in the blank)."  Actual meaning: I'm going to judge you, write about you in my blog, post a video of your inappropriate behavior on YouTube and make fun of you behind your back.  That's Ok, right?

5.  "I'm sorry, I have to take this call."  Actual meaning: (a) I'm trying to impress you by showing you how important I am, (b) You bore the crap out of me, or (c) My wife/husband/partner is on the phone.

6.  "I'm sure you're right." Actual meaning: Please stop talking.

7.  "I'm tired too."  Actual meaning: I'm tired of hearing this lame excuse.

8.  "No officer, I didn't drink tonight."  Actual meaning: I can't tell I'm drunk.  Why should you?

9.  "I'll do anything to keep my kids." Actual meaning: I'll do anything except get off drugs, stop seeing the man who molested them, stop beating them, quit drinking, get a job, (fill in the blank).

10.  "How interesting!"  Actual meaning: You are a complete idiot.

11.  "We don't need a condom." Actual meaning: I don't give a crap about you.  If you catch something or get pregnant, it's your problem.

12.  "That? (pointing to: porn, drugs, girlfriend/boyfriend, fill in the blank) It's not mine." Actual meaning: I think you are an idiot.

13.  "We should see a marriage counselor to work on our marriage." Actual meaning: I've already filled out the divorce papers.  I'm just looking for someone to drive the nails into this coffin.

Thursday Thirteen

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