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Naked pictures.

You've seen this email.? Naked pictures of Jessica Alba or Cameron Diaz or Scarlett Johansson or Courtney Cox or any starlet who you know wouldn't ever take their clothes off for a camera.? I just erase the email, shake my head and move on.

What would you do if you received an email that said this:

Subject: Naked pictures of Claudia Christian.

WHAT?? Naked pictures of ME??
The text:

Claudia Christian naked sun bathing in her backyard. blah, link, blah.

I'm searching my memory for any time I ever bathed naked in my backyard - ANY backyard - EVER.

So I'm so stupid that this panic goes on for while.

I call my best friend.

I call my husband.

They respond to my freak out but don't really understand what I'm saying.

"No, Claudia, you wouldn't lay out naked in the backyard.? You just wouldn't do it," they both say.

Should I click the link??


"Ok, I won't," I say, then hang up.

My hand hovers over the link.? I remind myself that my retina's were burned by BS privates.? I tell myself that there's just no way, no way this is about me.

I get up and wander around for a while.

So I google "Claudia Christian naked" and I get this.

Oh, right.

That girl.

I hate her.