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Simply Kind Tuesdays : Just when it seems like people suck, a distracted woman falls onto the subway tracks in Boston.

Let's face it. It's the season of people shouting at the top of their lungs: "WE'RE RIGHT AND THOSE PEOPLE SUCK!"

Every time I turn around someone is telling me about how cruel, stupid, and small people are now. You hear it on the radio.  It blinks at you in Facebook advertisements, spots on Hulu, and anywhere they think you will listen.

This commentary is so ubiquitous that the lunatic fringe in Texas is sure the US President is going to turn the country over to UN Troops (whatever that is).

We're supposed to believe it.

You can really tell the nature of human beings by what they do without thinking. Watch what all of these people do when a distracted woman falls onto the train tracks with her 4 year old child. The action is in the beginning, so watch carefully.

This is raw footage. It has not been modified or changed in anyway.

Woman and child fall.

Without hesitation people help.

Notice the people closest to the camera. Too far away to actually help, they send care and concern to the woman, child, and helpers. When it's over, they check themselves, their child or companion, and move on with their day.

This is the true nature of human beings.

Too many of us are giving up, jumping off bridges, or hiding at home because we believe kindness has drained out of the world.

Don't buy the bullshit.

Humanity is pretty freakin' awesome. Lots of great things are going on. More people live in peace now that ever in the world's history.

If you get a chance, share this video. It might just make the difference in someone's day.