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Overwhelmed with abundance?

At the desk, 8:48 a.m.

Like most of you, life has been super overwhelming here. Here's a glimpse into some of last week:

The super secret project came out of hibernation.

After finishing a manuscript, I usually put it away for at least a month and sometimes a few months. When the manuscript comes out of hibernation, I go through it one more time for consistency and theme issues. Because the super secret project is shorter than the other books, this only took a few days. By Friday, it was off to the content editor, the line editor, and the copy editor. I also heard from the cover artist with cover sketches. Phew!

I'm fighting with the squirrel

I know it sounds absurd, but if I don't get the food out of the garden ASAP, the squirrel will take it. The squirrel is pissed at me for taking his buffet and I'm pissed at him for eating everything. I've seen this before when there's been a drought. The squirrels get really aggressive. They are even eating tomatoes - which they usually avoid. I spend a great bit of time harvesting so that the squirrel doesn't get things. Crazy.

I'm in the middle of project rehab back.

I had another steroid shot a few weeks ago. That led to meeting with my primary doctor and my pain doctor and continuing in PT. When I said I was going to try to resolve my back situation early this year, I had no idea it would involve so much time, effort, and money. That in itself is incredibly overwhelming because it's one step forward and one step back.

I'm doing a ton of research for the next Alex the Fey book.

It's amazing how much information is out in the world right now. It's also amazing how one thread leads to another. This storyline has become like a knit cardigan - pull on one thread, you find yourself in a whole other territory. It's pretty exciting for a thriller novel, wouldn't you say?


I guess the "problem" I have is an overwhelm from all of the growth and abundance in my life. I can't complain - or at least I won't. I have exactly the life I want and always wanted.

I think the trick to abundance is learning to work with the bounty. Tomatoes harvested from the garden, for example, need to be used of they decay. I suppose abundance is like that - it needs to be used or it will decay.

How will you use your abundance today?