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Writer's Wednesday : Weed words.

Weed out your weed words!

We all have them. Special little words that creep into our every sentence. They are like weeds. Sometimes we notice them, sometimes we don't.

My weed words?


and it's evil cousin


Before I send any manuscript to the copy editor, I go search for the words "just" and "that." I try to decide if I want to keep them in the sentence or if another word will do. I do the same for adverbs and adjectives but that's another rant.

What about you? What are your weed words? (List them in the comments and I'll add them here.)

  • The Walking Mark search and destroys coordinating subordinating and correlative conjunctions. He seeks and destroys the word "like".
  • Karin struggles with the word "said."
  • Zoiks reminds us of the poison "this."
  • Kwana also struggles with "just" and the phrase "taking it in."

Have you trained yourself out of using them? Or do you search and destroy?