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Check that one off!

Rock N Roll 1/2 marathon

3 hours and 6 minutes - 13.1 miles
30 degress (felt like 15 in places)
Las Vegas, NV - December 6, 2009

For three hours and six minutes last Sunday, I ran and ran and ran and ran and ran! We'd hoped to run fourteen minute miles - which would have put us at the finish four minutes earlier. Frankly, I'm delighted with what happened.

The race course was down the Las Vegas strip and back from the Mandalay Bay. There were over 27,000 people who completed in the event. We saw bands almost every mile - some bands were fabulous. Some bands we had to sprint away from.

We had some inconveniences - they ran out of water at end of the strip.We ran past two bands in a row who weren't playing And it was very very cold. We were able to warm up at the end of the strip, only to return to the canyon of casinos with it's freezing shadows and icy streets.

When I crossed the finish line, I was so choked up, I couldn't breathe. I wanted to scream, weep, and jump for joy. I settled for this metal and an emergency blanket.