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When's the best time for an author to get their message out? The answer will surprise you. #BookMarket with Janet Goldstein

Since March, 2010, I've hosted #BookMarket Twitter chat. #BookMarket is Twitter's only chat about Book Marketing. It's grown into one of the best conversations about publishing on the Internet.  The chat is from 4-5 ET on Twitter.

We're joined today by Janet Goldstein (@JanetGoldstein) Janet is a book professional who's helped a number of bestselling authors develop their strategy.

My take on the interview:

Janet has some interesting things to say. I think the most stunning was how long it takes for an author to build a platform and get his or her ideas out there. Gone are the days of a 'launch'. Book Marketing in 2012 is really marketing your book all the time. Be sure to read the publishers comments. It's interesting to see how their experience matches Janet's wisdom.