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Things I found this week (week 13)

This is just disgusting:

This food has been sitting on a doctors counter since the dates marked on the wrappers. There has been no shrinkage, no rotting, no decay what so ever. Talk about 'empty calories'!

Of course, later I read this test of the non-rotting hamburger theory here. They showed the bun will mold but the burger remains unaffected. In fact, any burger remains unaffected. (So besides destroying our atmosphere, it turns out beef is non-decomposable. Moving on.) Still the entire conversation is worth thinking the next time you go to fast food. I'm waaaay too grossed out to go near it for a while.

No successful person is an island

"The point is that successful companies — or, at any rate, companies that make a large contribution to a nation’s economy — don’t exist in isolation. Prosperity depends on the synergy between companies, on the cluster, not the individual entrepreneur." Job, Jobs and Cars, NY Times Column Paul Krugman