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Tag I'm it.

I was tagged by Angela this morning.  I had planned to start a new fascinating series called "Da Boys", but that will have to wait... Hey,  you have to appease the Godess of the South of France, right?

Four Jobs I've Had
1.  UC Berkeley Housing Office Clerk
2.  Photographer for the Daily Californian
3.  Alcohol and Drug counselor to the "stars" (in Glendale, CA)
4.  Lab Tech at UC San Francisco in an AIDS lab

Four Movies I Would (read: Have) Watched Over and Over again
1.  Shawn of the Dead (I just love this movie)
2.  Harry Potters - all
3.  Monsters, Inc. (I watched this right after viewing my father's dead body - I think it's a bit of traumatic bonding)
4.  13th Warrior (Mindless travel with cute guys.  Any questions?)

Four Television Shows *
1.  X-files
2.  Charmed (new fascination)
3.  Chris Isaak show (Gorgeous guy with dating problems.)
4.  All time favorite - Twlight Zone

* I don't have a TV. We Netflix televisions shows our friends tell us about.

Four places I've visited.
1.  Trinity Site, White Sands Missile Range.

First Atmoic bomb test

(Site of the first Atomic Bomb testing)
2.  Northern Ireland during the "troubles"
3.  Paris, my favorite city in the world
4.  Every state in the United States (Thanks Dad)

Four Websites I Visit Daily
1.  Open Grove (check out what's going on)
2.  Newsgator (News aggregator)
3.  FreeTranslation.com (Learning Spanish)
4.  Wikipedia (Geek of the world, remember?)

Four Blogs I read Regularly **
1.  Moobs
2. Life in the South of France
3.  Seth Godin
4.  Indexed (This is a new obsession)

** I changed the tag.? I was supposed to put the 4 people I wanted to answer these questions, but let's face it. I'm a middle child.? No one would listen anyway.