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Going Blonde.

I have brownish-redish hair. When I lived in California, my brownish-redish hair had a lot of blonde highlights. Now that I live somewhere that it's winter 7 months of the year, my hair has become more brownish, less redish with no blonde. And I have a lot of it.

Gratefully, I have only about 6 gray hairs.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun for the holidays to go blonde. I talked to my friends and they nodded or shrugged. D. said, "Uh..." I don't think he cared.

Last Friday I went blonde.

Well, OK, that's not really me. But my hair looks quite a bit like this South African Lion (photo by Antony Ream).? A little blonde... a little red... My scalp is just now beginning to heal.
This holiday season, I am going to answer the question, "Do blondes have more fun?"

I'll keep you posted.