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Oh so much to update.....


The first part of my fiction serial "The Driver" was posted last Friday at Miss-Britt.com.  It received really supportive comments - Yay!  If you haven't had a chance to check it out, please do.  I'm always interested in what people think.  The next segment will be posted next Friday.


With much reluctance, I entered into a process of renewing the look of this blog.  Sigh.  It's time to move away from the Open Grove a little bit.  We continue to languish in trademark hell, so I need to find ways to continue forward without that mark.  Because a couple of my blogging buddies had a great experience with Cynthia at Nap Warden, I thought I'd try it....  And what a joy!

What do you think of the new look?  I wanted something light, fun, energetic, and a little feminine.  She came up with the image, made the design, and even installed it.  Whoo Hoo!!

While FuriousBall remains my backend programming huckleberry, Cynthia was fabulous, creative, and fun to work with.  If you are looking for a new design, do not hesitate to shoot her an email.


Squirrelly at Lone Grey Squirrel bestowed me with a tremendous honor.  He gave me the Blog Mentor award.  Wow!

Blogging Mentor Award

He said: "I have always felt that Claudia kind of "adopted" me and has made it her role to challenge me and probably all her other readers to expand our minds, our experience and our experimenting with this blogging media. She gets me in a lot of trouble but its all fun."

There are a few people that I feel really mentored me in the blogging process:

BroLo:  BroLo is the physical representation of my inner Capuchin.  He sat me down one day and told me step by step how to get blog traffic.  Where he learned this information?  God?  Who knows what resources these mysterious brothers have?  He's just returned to blogland with an amazing post about a saint.

Moobs: Moobs has an amazing capacity to translate his feelings and experience into words.  Through his essays, I was inspired to share a bit more of my life and strive to express myself with language.  As a middle child, I always figured no one really wanted to hear what I was thinking or feeling.  Go figure that I would learn this from an oldest! ;)

Seth Godin: I can't imagine that Seth would give a crap about a blog award, but in all honesty, 100 years ago, I heard Seth speak on blogging.  I followed his blog every day for about two years before starting this blog.  If you've never read Seth's work, you owe it to yourself to take a look.  Yes, it's marketing, but marketing is really about life.  He is one of the best thinkers on the Internet.

Heart in SF: I admired the manner with which people related to her and she to them.  From her, I learned to comment back.  She is an excellent example of someone who always remembers that there is a human, fragile heart at the other end of the key board.

Yay.  I continue to learn, continue to be mentored... this list is woefully incomplete.


I heard from ZiaQueen!? They will be the source of our bee revival this year!? Yea!!? I should receive four Rocky Mountain Reina queens sometime in early spring.? This is very exciting!


I am getting some sleep. Thank you for all your kind thoughts.  I need to get a bit more exercise, and a few people out of my head.  Onward toward the week? Yay!

As always, thank you for reading.

Thank you for caring.

I am humbled in your presence and kindness.