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Book review: All-star sales book

We used to do a lot of book reviews, and interviews with authors, in the Open Grove.  In an effort to see what I want to do, and see what's interesting to people, I agreed to write a couple book reviews.

Because of my diverse background, and ability to read quickly, I am often approached to review a certain kind of book - complicated, smart, and/or scientific.  Hell, Kathy Reichs likes me (which is saying a lot given what she thinks of psychology).

I have a stack of books that have requested a review.  Please note: I do not receive a dime for this review.

Let me know what you think.  Does this work?  Do you read book reviews?


All-Star Sales Book by Billy Cox

?"Whether we realize it or not, everyone is selling something.  (...)  Parents sell their children on being good citizen.  And kids always sell their parents on something they want.  To see this in action, just tell a kid no and watch the sales campaign begin!" (p.87 of All-Star Sales Book


I have a fascination with sales.? Growing up, my sisters and I sold everything from magazine subscriptions to girl scout cookies.  Our schools were strapped for cash and selling was the way to make the ends meet.

I was never very good at sales.   My embarrassment over my own need (to make money or sell this crap), made opening my mouth virtually impossible.? Only the housewife down the street bought my products.? But she never said "No" to anything (including the mailman.? That's another story.)

As an adult, I saw less qualified people get promotions and raises.  I had friends who could easily move from high paying job to high paying job with ease.  (One guy had 13 jobs in 5 years! At each new job, his salary increased by thousands of dollars.)  Then along came the Open Grove.


If I ever hoped to be successful, I had to learn how to sell.  Seth Godin, Marketing Professionals, and a thousand books gave me some sense of what was necessary.  Because sales is not my strong point, I will read any book about sales.

All-Star Sales Book

is an easy and entertaining read.? There's nothing profound here.? Believe in your product, visualize your goals, and move forward with integrity.

There are some nuggets.? Here's one:

"We also lose confidence as we face life's struggles and challenges - personal failures, business failures, bankruptcies, getting fired or laid off, failing to achieve important goals.? Some of these situations are within our control while others are not, but they can all negatively affect our confidence.? The bottom line is this: most adults struggle with a lack of confidence.

"So how can you regain this lost self-confidence?? You gotta take action!? Here is a simple formula I use when teaching people how to gain more confidence.

"action ---> results ---> success ---> confidence ---> action" (p.13)

Whether you are a sales professional or a troglodyte like myself, this book is a good refresher. ? I like it.

If you live here in Denver, Billy Cox, the author of All-Star Sales Book is going to be in town today, March 11 and tomorrow, March 12.? He will be signing books at the Barnes & Noble at Southlands Town Center on tonight at 6 p.m. and the Barnes and Noble at Thorncreek Shopping Center tomorrow at 6 p.m.

For more information go to: Billy Cox International