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So I got riled up this morning...

At the desk, 9:03 a.m.

Here's a fact: I'm really frustrated with the war on women and the denial that there is a war on women.

I write stories about strong women who are able to hold their own against overwhelming tides of cruelty, poverty, and life's struggles. You can imagine that I get the overflow from this warm. I get snide remarks on blogs, nasty comments in reviews, cruel words designed to force me to shut up, know my place, and get back in line as property or even worse a masturbatory object.

The war against women is waged against me. It's very personal.

I'm angry with Rupert Murdoch, one of the chief architects of this war. I'm frustrated with John "I hate women even thought I have daughters" Boehner. I want to put a muzzle on the women who make money from the war on women. It's very personal to me.

Wanting to think about something else, I went over here and found this video:

Deepak Chopra explains how anger creates an inflammatory response in the body

Oh right. I was just talking about this. By giving in to anger, I am literally taking the battle into my own body. Deepak Chopra encourages us to feel the pain underneath the anger so that we can feel the love beyond the pain.

Hate breeds hate; love destroys hate - right? Time to walk the walk.