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Simply Kind Tuesdays - Week 7 : Cookie anyone?

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"Oh my God, please don't give me all of those cookies!"

Be honest. How many times have you thought this, but said instead:

"Gosh, thank you so very much! You are too kind."

This year, we are accepting the cookies with abandon, then spread the cookie love.

We made truffles, peppermint bark and, of course, cookies. We are sending a package to a young soldier in the desert. I've asked my friend Tommie if she can share an address for a family of a deployed soldier.  We are also sending food packages to a couple friends who are out of work.

It's so easy.

And really, do you need to eat another cookie?

Imagine the difference YOU can make in someone's day, life and particularly Christmas. Just ask your friends and neighbors. Everyone knows someone who could use a boost.

Go for it!


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