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Thanks John!

In my life time, I saw a great man  destroy his career, shame himself and usher in this current time.  I was at Berkeley when he was nominated to the Supreme Court. You can imagine the conversations! The dialog! The fear! As it turns out, this man did a decent job of steering the Supreme Court. He was fair, pig headedly conservative and a constitutionalist, but fair none the less. Until December 12, 2000.

Thank God he didn't live long enough to see the results of what he had done.

You may not know this, but the very same situation was placed before the Supreme Court this month.

Like the previous question (Did Bush win a county in FL where they votes weren't counted and most likely thrown away?) posed to the Supreme Court, the question is absurd.

The question? Was Barack Obama a legal US Citizen.

This week, we all owe a round of applause to John Roberts for refusing to hear the question.


Thanks John!