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Simply Kind Tuesdays : Week 6 - Why bother?

"Why bother with kindness? I mean really. Being kind won't make you rich. Look at Paris Hilton. She's not even a very nice person and she's super rich."

"She's a HILTON," I said. "She was born super rich."

"Still. In this economy, I have to look after my bottom line. Period."

Why bother with kindness?

I bother with kindness because I feel better when I do. When I feel better, everything in my life works better. I am more resilient to life's ups and downs. And I'm happier.

I've learned that kindness is a powerful magnet.  When I focus on kindness, I draw kind people to me.  Thus I'm surrounded by people who work toward being kind. In some ways, I'm guarded from the cruel and judgemental.

In business, I've found that in being kind to everyone, I build tremendous loyalty. People refer and return over and over again because they feel seen, heard, and are treated kindly. Maybe kindness doesn't make me rich, but it has a significant impact on every business I've ever been involved with.

Why do you bother with kindness??


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