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Quick Chat with Terra Harmony (@harmonygirlit) #BookMarket

In the month of January, I'm doing a Twitter Interview (Twitterview) of many of the participants of the #BookMarket chat. These are people who come and generously share their wisdom week after week. The Twitterviews give them a chance to shine.

Today, I interviewed Terry Harmony, @harmonygirlit. She is an Eco-Fantasy author who lives in the DC area.

My take on the interview:

I have never heard of Eco-fantasy, so I like the way that Terra described her genre. Terra believes that the reader wins in self publishing. The idea is fascinating to me because some of the controversy over self-publishing is the idea that readers deserve a different kind of quality or product. Thus, the reader doesn't win with self publishing. I thought she made some good points.

Here's the transcript:

ClaudiaC: Q.1 - What 5 words would you use to describe your writing? #bookmarket #twitterview

harmonygirlit: 8:01am My writing is fast-paced, adventurous, meaningful, entertaining and oh, I don't know...kick-ass! #bookmarket #twitterview

ClaudiaC:  Q.2 -What is your favorite thing about the writing/publishing world today? #bookmarket #twitterview

harmonygirlit @claudiac My fav thing about writing/pub world today is #selfpub e-books. Anything is possible – for authors and readers! #bookmarket

ClaudiaC 8:07am @harmonygirlit Q.2b - Can you say more about this - what do you mean 'anything is possible'? #bookmarket #twitterview

harmonygirlit 8:09am @claudiac - opens up more opps for writers, readers get access to work they would've never seen without #selfpub! #bookmarket

ClaudiaC 8:11am @harmonygirlit If u don't mind anothr ?, Q.2c - Sounds like ur belief is reader wins w #selfpub? Some say opposte? #bookmarket

harmonygirlit 8:13am @claudiac A lot of hype about 'mistakes' in #selfpub - but I've seen plenty of the same in books with big 6 publishers. #bookmarket

ClaudiaC:  @harmonygirlit Yes. There's a rant by Tolkien in frwrd of LOTR abt copy edits, etc. Always an issues for every book #bookmarket #twitterview

ClaudiaC Q.3 - If a reader was totally dialed into what you write, what message would they get? #bookmarket #Twitterview

harmonygirlit 8:16am @claudiac Everything happens for a reason - and we don't always have to know what that reason is. Learn from it and move on!  ClaudiaC 8:18am @harmonygirlit Q.3b - Out of curiosity, do you give reasons things happen to ur chractrs or do you let reader work it out?#bookmarket

harmonygirlit 8:20am @claudiac If not essential 2 plot, readers use their imagination! Some resolutions worked out in my sequels. Keeps 'em hooked!

ClaudiaC Q.4. What is Eco-Fantasy? And why do you think it's the genre that called you? #bookmarket #twitterview

harmonygirlit 8:26am @claudiac My #eco-fantasy is about elemental magic, entertaining w/ a message. Genre is for me cause I want to make a difference #bookmarket

ClaudiaC 8:27am @harmonygirlit Q.4b - Would you mind saying more about the difference you'd like to make? #bookmarket #twitterview

harmonygirlit 8:29am @claudiac trying to convey a message of being eco-friendly w/out being too preachy #bookmarket #twitterview

ClaudiaC 8:30am @harmonygirlit Because I'm unfamiliar w #eco-fantasy, I'm not sure if I missed a good ?. Would u like to say more? #bookmarket

harmonygirlit @claudiac It is an exciting new-ish genre. It has some hooked so far. Hoping to reach the masses! #bookmarket #twitterview

ClaudiaC Q.5. Everyone has a super secret ninja skill. What's yours? #bookmarket #twitterview

harmonygirlit @claudiac I can tear every muscle in a leg w/ a high kick - do tearing my own muscles count? I'll just write the action scenes. #bookmarket

ClaudiaC 8:37am @harmonygirlit That's all I have - would you like to add anything else? #bookmarket #twitterview

harmonygirlit 8:38am Thanks @ClaudiaC for the #twitterview! Follow my blog bit.ly/uWGXNM or see more about my books: bit.ly/rAQiRF #bookmarket

ClaudiaC 8:40am @harmonygirlit Thanks so much for being our first ever #bookmarket #twitterview. I hope it wasn't too painful! Happy New Year! :)

harmonygirlit 8:41am @claudiac - That was fun! Great way to start 2012. Good luck with the rest of them and happy New Year to you, too! #bookmarket

Tomorrow, I'm #bookmarket #twitterview ing @techtigger 12:30 p ET - Join us for some serial fiction chat