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Talking serials, publishing, and a distaste for brooding vampires with @TechTigger

In the month of January, I'm doing a Twitter Interview (Twitterview) of many of the participants of the #BookMarket chat. These are people who come and generously share their wisdom week after week. The Twitterviews give them a chance to shine.

Today, I had a chance to interview Nox and Grimm's author @TechTigger. She is the founder of the Penny Dreadful and a flash fiction maven.

My take on the interview:

I like her view of self vs. traditional publishing. Rather than pick one over the other, she intends to do both. Of course, I'm always interesting in how she got interested  in serial fiction. It's good to note that we were both having technology problems in the interview.

Here's the transcript:

ClaudiaC Once a weekday, during the month of January, I'm doing #twitterviews with the folks who attend #bookmarket chat. Today is @techtigger

ClaudiaC @techtigger is the founder of the Penny Dreadful and a force to be reckoned with in the #serialfiction genre. Let's start! :)

ClaudiaC Q.1 - What 5 words would you use to describe your writing? #bookmarket #twitterview

@techtigger fast-paced, feisty, paranormal, character-driven #bookmarket

ClaudiaC Wow, those are great words. I'm intrigued by "feisty" - anything you'd like to add there? #bookmarket #twitterview

techtigger fiesty = no whining, self-pitying melodrama. My characters are movers and shakers! #twitterview #bookmarket

ClaudiaC got to love the non whining crowd! :) I keep forgetting the hash tags too #twitterview #bookmarket.

techtigger i think that's why i've never done the vampire thing. Too much brooding & moping about their lives. #twitterview #bookmarket

techtigger if I ever write a vampire, they'll be a fanged revolutionary! :D #bookmarket

ClaudiaC Q.2 - What is your favorite thing about the writing/publishing world today? #bookmarket #twitterview

techtigger I love that there are so many options. Makes it harder too, but I'd rather have more choices #bookmarket

ClaudiaC What do you mean too many options? Ppl feel really trapped now. #bookmarket #twitterview

techtigger i also think it's great that you can do both self and traditional publishing at the same time #twitterview #bookmarket

techtigger I think people get overwhelmed w/self-pub & promote. Lots of choices to make, new stuff every day #twitterview #bookmarket

techtigger like all the fuss over bookcountry, & recent trad. pubs getting into self-pub. who do you trust? #twitterview #bookmarket

techtigger I intend to do both. Some things will work better as self-pub, too hard a sell for trad. markets #twitterview #bookmarket

techtigger it's a matter of knowing your market.Trad pubs tend to play it safe, so the serial will be self-pub #twitterview #bookmarket

ClaudiaC You're right - it's awesome to have so many choices #twitterview #bookmarket

ClaudiaC Q.3 - If a reader was totally dialed into what you write, what message would they get?

techtigger A3 -you are never powerless, things are never hopeless. Even the smallst thing can make a big chnge #bookmarket #twitterview

ClaudiaC I love your hopeful message. #bookmarket #twitterview

ClaudiaC Q.4 - Why serial fiction? And why do you think it's the genre that called you? #bookmarket #twitterview

techtigger A4 - I love the serial format. Old tv shows, comic books, etc. I've been hooked on them for years. #bookmarket

techtigger for me it's a fun challenge to come up with mini-stories and tie them into longer story arcs #bookmarket

ClaudiaC Q.4b When decide to writes some #serialfiction of your own? #serialfiction #twitterview #bookmarket

techtigger it's funny, i hadn't planned on it. Started writing flashfiction, a few shorts with Nox and Grimm #bookmarket

techtigger I had so much fun, & got great feedback from readers that I'm still going, 2 years later! :) #bookmarket

techtigger I think it helps that i enjoy world building Love making up the psuedo-science that runs the world #bookmarket

ClaudiaC Two years with Nox and Grimm - or any serial fiction - is fabulous. Congrautlations! #twitterview #bookmarket

techtigger aww, thanks! I can't believe i'm coming up on my 100th episode already. time flies, eh? :) #bookmarket

ClaudiaC Q.4c - B/C I can, I wanted to ask you if you have a fav. flash fiction? If so what? #bookmarket #twitterview

techtigger my own, or someone else's? I'm a huge fan of addergoole by @lynthornealder , love the writing. #twitterview #bookmarket

techtigger you know, it's hard to pick a favorite from a serial. too many good ones to choose from :) #bookmarket

ClaudiaC Q.5 - Everyone has a super secret ninja skill. What's yours? #twitterview #bookmarket

techtigger I make cinnamon buns miraculously disappear...but I don't thinnk that's what you meant ;) #bookmarket

techtigger Ninja skill - to build a world, build good characters. Starts there, goes outwards #bookmarket

ClaudiaC Fabulous! RT @techtigger: #twitterview Ninja skill - to build a world, build good characters. Starts there, goes outwards #bookmarket

ClaudiaC That's all I have - would you like to add anything? #twitterview #bookmarket

techtigger  Just to say thanks for choosing me as your inaugural #twitterview - definately fun! #bookmarket

techtigger and everyone go read Nox and Grimm! *lol* techtigger.wordpress.com #twitterview #shamelessplug #bookmarket

ClaudiaC Thanks for your great answers& ur time! *applause* *applause* I'll have a transcript up in a bit #twitterview #bookmarket

techtigger *bows* thank you! can't wait to see more of these from the bookmarket crew, what a great idea! #twitterview #bookmarket

Post interview questions:

angelaperry What has been your most successful #bookmarket technique? #twitterview

techtigger finding new readers is always a tough job, so inviting others to guest post helps as well #bookmarket

techtigger guest posts on other blogs. it gets the story out in front of readers who might not see it otherwise #bookmarket

angelaperry How do you get reviews? Have you considered an omnibus for pub on Amazon? #twitterview #bookmarket

techtigger I'm actually gathering episodes into ebooks now. Haven't so much gotten reviews, as interviews #bookmarket

techtigger will work on the review thing when I have ebooks to hand out to bloggers, etc. :) #bookmarket

angelaperry If you could have one thing to help with your marketing, what would it be? #twitterview #bookmarket

techtigger an official author website. I'm working on one now. My free wordpress blog just isn't enough anymore #bookmarket

techtigger that'll also help for the reviews -give bloggers a place to get press kit, blurbs, review copies, etc. #bookmarket

Tomorrow, I'm #bookmarket #twitterview ing publisher @candlemarkgleam at 4 pm ET - Join us for some serious publisher chat

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