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Questions for Claudia - round one

I posted this to Facebook at the beginning of the month and forgot to share it here.  If you have a question for me, please leave it in the comments section! :)

It's ask Claudia anything February. If you have a question for me about the stories or writing or whatever, let me know! :) I do this because I can never think of anything to put in my "about" page (because I'm the most boring person in the world). So really, you're helping me out!

1. CBT: What should I plant in my raised bed?

CHC: How much light will it get?

CBT: Full sun, facing west, SF Bay Area

CBT: I'd look at what you buy at the grocery store - what do you eat? then check out companion planting. I'd start w lettuce, beets, radish, kale, and some beans which you can plant now. Then transition to a couple squash, tomato, and cucumber or two. If you can steal other earth, I'd go for pumpkins or other vines. Then cycle back in October. That's probably what I'd do. What are you thinking?

CBT: Tomatoes and basil - can't really think beyond that. I like a nice caprese salad. Thanks for the advice.

CHC: Do you eat peppers? They are super easy to grow and would do well where you are. Then you have a salsa garden!

CBT: Yes! Great idea. Peppers and humus are the shizzle.

2. AGC:  An anonymous benefactor has given you your dream getaway writing cabin. What's it like?

CHC: Oooh that's a great question! Can I spend what I want? I'd chose either a cabin in the Lost Cost or Nova Scotia packed between the mountains and the ocean. It would be small - maybe 1000 sq feet or less, warmed by a hot spring, running water, indoor plumbing and a spot for a garden. I'd build it out on my own.

3. KW: How do you sit down for more than 2 hours per day writing stuff that makes sense?

CHC: Most boring person = staring at a box for hours at a time! Great question!! Sometimes it's really hard. I personally think the story exists and my job is to tell it well - thus, the stories are so fascinating that I want to do it as much as possible. The key now it to stay healthy enough to keep telling the stories - there's the rub!

4. JGR: Where did you get your inspiration for The Fey series?

CHC: I had this weird experience one night. This lady came and sat on my bed. She told me stories about her family. Suddenly I couldn't eat or sleep or do anything else until I wrote her story down. We'd planned for 2 years to hike the Colorado Trail. I felt compelled to write the original draft of the Fey before we left. After walking 150 mi in 2.5 weeks, we felt like we could do anything and I realized I wanted to fulfill my lifelong dream of being an author. When we got back, I set about writing the second draft. So that's about it!

5. KN: Do you stay up WAY TOO LATE (i.e., until dawn) furiously writing and thinking, "Gotta finish this scene, gotta finish this scene!" Please tell me I'm not the only one who does that.

CHC I switched to the Every Day Man sleep schedule while working on In the Grey, the next Alex the Fey book. So, yes, I've stayed up all night, early morning, middle of vacation, car rides... It's not just you.

KN: Oooh, I've read about that polyphasic sleep pattern. Too bad I also have an 8-4 job in addition to writing!

CHC: Kelly Naylor I loved it. It's probably more natural for me as a person.

6. JS: Why did you choose to live in CO?

CHC: We lived in Venice Beach, CA in the middle of the riots, fires, earthquakes, and floods. I swear my car had bits of all of it someplace. We wanted to go somewhere a little more stable and the husband is from southwestern Colorado. The story is more complicated and a little traumatic, but that's kind of the short of it.

8. ADT: How do you remember each history of all your characters in the Denver Cereal Series? Just curious, because the story is so seamless...love, love the series, btw

CHC: Oddly, Amy Donoho Tucker I do remember all the histories and stories. Sometimes I mess up the details, like recently Ward/Wade/Wanda's name, but not from the main characters. I guess it's like anyone - the neighbor, the grocer, the hairstylist - you remember them and all they've gone through to become themselves.

If you have a question for me, feel free to leave them in the comments!