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Happy new year, 2021.

Well, 2020 was a year.

There are so many things to say.

I guess, mostly, I want to say -- here we are.

We are surviving through this pandemic. We are surviving working at home, schooling at home, dropping out and dropping in at home, making meals and wishing for meals, longing for work and for home, wishing for normal.

Happy new year.

May this be a year filled with laughter and joy. We owe it to all of those we've lost to enjoy the hell out of 2021.

I'm still writing -- Denver Cereal (of course) and other adventures.

I'm still working on the everyday kindness challenge.

I'm still hoping to garden next spring.

I'm still hoping to walk and stand -- the two hardest things for me since all of my spine fusions.

I'm still here.

I'm so very glad that you are too.