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Finding light.

Monday?s sunrise

"But the light it always finds us, if we move with a little trust."

-Nelly Furtado, "Afraid"

Everywhere I look, I see the dark rising in the form of worry, helplessness, and fear.  The economy, the war, the environment, even the bees echo the changes in the world.  Sometimes, I have to fight to stay off the "future is dark" cruise ship.  Don't you?

In the quiet moments, I hear my heart beating strong and true.  Don't you?

When I trust my heart, my mind, and my soul, I know the dark is a fantasy.  The light shines on my face and I awaken from the manipulation.

The future is neither dark nor light.  The future is only the future.  It is up to us to determine whether we feel the light or wallow in the dark.

That's my wish for this week.  Trust yourself.  Listen to your precious heart.  And feel the light shine on your face.

Happy Monday!