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Extraction - a photo essay.

Here's what I did this morning:

Beginning of the morning

Four medium supers sitting
in the back of the truck.

There there was a boring driving part, except for the part where the angry guy horned me then apologized.? Go figure.

I took the frames to Jerry's place

Jerry, bee-Gandolf

to be extracted.? Jerry is our Bee-Gandolf, Bee guru
and a very interesting guy.? We got chatting and I realized late into it that if I wanted pictures, I should get going.

Here's a photo of some frames.
This box was full of frames (in the back of the truck)

Frames ready to go

Jerry scrapes the capped comb so we can spin
the honey from the frames.

Opening the comb

Scraping done,

Ready for the extractor

and into the extractor.? This will spin the honey from the comb.

In the extractor

This was a dramatic spinning picture but....
someone needs to learn how to use the camera.

Inside the extractor

YEA! Honey - look at this light color.? It tastes like mint.


After returning home, I set the supers out
so the bees can rob them clean.

Let the robbing begin

Two hours later, those are some hungry bees!

2 hours later - hungry bees

And that's how I took four supers to Jerry's place and
came home with a hundred and twelve pounds of honey. -----