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Recently, I won the thoughtful blogger award from Heart in San Francisco.  Now, I should have just posted the award and given it to any number of blogs that I read and love.  But instead, I thought about it for a few days.

I realized that I didn't want to give people a "thoughtful" award. I wanted to BLAME people.

Sometimes, I just hate being human.

I thought it would abate.  Afterall, the first person that came to mind was Moobs.  I wanted to blame him so bad.... and he was on vacation.  You can't really blame someone when they are gone right?  That would be impolite.

Problem is?  I STILL want to blame him.

So I invented my own award.

Blame Awarded.

I award my newly minted blog award to:

Moobs:  I blame Moobs for my new belly button piercing.
He made this comment: "So can you crack walnuts with your belly button?" and I thought, "Hey, I should get my belly button pierced."  You can clearly see the link of blame here.
Claudia's bellybutton
Ex-Hooter Girl: I blame the ex-hooter girl for my new found interest in peep toe shoes.
Squirrelly: I blame Lone Grey Squirrel (aka Squirrelly) for my obsession with ice cream this summer.  His avatar is eating a double scoop ice cream cone.  Clearly, it's his fault.
Nila: I blame Nila for brain washing me into thinking Pop Tarts are food.
Kevin: I blame Kevin for making me look at David Beckham naked.  I would explain, but I think you can clearly understand that it's his fault.
BroLo: I blame BroLo for all the Capuchin thoughts that creep into my head.  Holy Crap! Christ on the Cross! Stuff like that.

If you aren't included on this list, don't worry.? I'm certain I'll blame you for something soon.

If you'd like to blame a few people (and I know you do!), feel free to copy the picture to your blog and blame away.? You'll feel so much better when you're done!

Hey, feel free to blame me for a thing of two.? I promise you.? I deserve it!