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Day after the fall.

I was going to post today about my trip to California.

But after Monday, it seems more important to remind everyone of a couple facts:

1.? Everyone who left their money in the stock market during the 'Great Depression' did just fine.

2.? The 'Great Depression' was called that because people became Depressed.? In fact, people were so depressed that the government sponsored initiatives to create funny and fun movies like the Thin Man.

3.? According to people who actually lived through the 'Great Depression', most people muddled through.? One tiny step at a time, they fed their families, worked their jobs, and moved forward.

4.? In 1987, the stock market dropped 23%.? Yesterday, the stock market dropped 7%. Combined with last week, there was a 10% drop in the market.? Further, the stock market dropped 7% the day after 9/11.? The numbers are deceiving; perspective is helpful.

What can you do?

1.? Stay positive and grateful.? Practice active gratitude for every thing in your life.

2.? Don't allow yourself to become afraid or depressed.? Work out every single day.? Eat real, clean food.

3.? Drinking and drugs are not the answer.? Drinking will only make you more depressed and drugs are just stupid.

4.? Focus on your present.? What needs to be done in your immediate world?? I'm sure you have some laundry waiting for your attention.? Clean out a closet.? DO what's in front of you.

5.? Laugh.? Life is a funny little game.

We live in interesting times.? Together, we will get through this thing.

Blessings to you in your journey.