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You may remember that I made a bet with FuriousBall.? Honey for a working PHP search.? He lost the bet so promised the PHP search.

Have you ever worked with a web programmer?? I have and the experiences are never ever rarely pleasant.? Most web programmers are more interested in boosting their flailing egos bank accounts than actually providing a service.

Anyway, let's just say that my expectations were low.

But I like FuriousBall.? I've seen some of his other work.? He actually took the time to linearly find out what I wanted and what I needed.

This morning, after accomplishing a few things (it's so satisfying to clean the toilet), I decided to sneak up on my SQL/PHP problem and FuriousBall's solution.

I took a breath.? I closed my eyes.? I clicked the link.

And it worked.

The search works!

AND, the thing I needed (read: desperately needed) but didn't ask for - an easy way to update the database - also works!

You simply cannot imagine? my delight and joy.? This means that I will finally be able to make the resources at the Open Grove available for people to listen and read.? It's a huge deal for me.? Huge.

Thanks FuriousBall.

If you have any work you need done?? This is the guy to ask.? Nice. Thoughtful. Practical. Helpful. And, honorable.