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Kung Fu Grip.

I wonder if you might spare a few minutes to discuss Kung Fu Grip.

Yes, this Kung Fu Grip.

Kung Fu Grip

What is this all about??

Yes, Gi Joe can Kung Fu Grip his machine gun, his sword (if he's a Marine) or even his hand gun.

But let's face it.  He's never going to get laid.? Women don't have parts that... uh...? will fit into the Kung Fu Grip.

Gi Joe Grouping

I mean, come on.  What is going on here?  Some Baby Boomer Orgy?? Look at their hands.? Clearly, these guys have something on their minds.

Since we know that gays are not in the military,  (I'll give you a minute or two to roll your eyes) we must assume the obvious.

GI Joe has that sweet beard on the inside of the Kung Fu grip.