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A Practice.

"You are more influential than you think." John Wooden

John Wooden in Pauly Pavilion

I'm miserable about all the things that are happening in the world.

For months, I've felt overwhelming helplessness about the Middle East.  I get distraught over the wall that has been built around Israel

Wall in Israel

and is now being built in Iraq.

Building the wall in Bagdad

Christ, we're even building a 700 mile wall around our Southern border.

Border wall at Tijuana

I mean, didn't we celebrate tearing down the wall?

Tearing down of Berlin wall

My neighbor's son died in Iraq.  No amount of supporting the troops changes that fact.  He was nineteen years old and people tell me Iraqi's kill their children.

Bush's face from the fallen in Iraq

A portrait of the President from the fallen in Iraq

Global warming?  You think?

And please Tom Tancredo.  If you really have nothing better to do - kick yourself out, you're an immigrant too. (I do love Icky Thump by White Stripes.)

Oh, I could go on, but that's not really the point of this blog, is it? The hope is to inspire.

Then, after reading Kevin Charnas' thoughtful blog, I stumbled upon something I could actually do.

I believe in my heart, mind, body and soul that love is the most powerful force on the planet.  I've seen love work miracles.  What else would?


I started this practice and I wondered if you would join me.

Every morning, I think of the United States troops in Iraq and I send them love in the form of saying the Loving Kindness meditation** for them.  From there I move to all of the soldiers, the entire country of Iraq, then the middle east.  I keep my focus on loving from my heart - human to human - those who are caught up in the struggle.

And when the life is lost, I say a blessing enemy or friend, someone from my country or another, I bless them hoping that God will have mercy on their immortal soul.

I wonder if we try it, maybe, just maybe, we will actually make an impact.  The research says that we can make a difference just by sending love.

It doesn't take a lot of time, maybe five minutes at the most.  I do it when I'm driving to the gym in the morning.

Will you join me?

** Lovingkindness meditation: "May you be filled with loving-kindness, May you be well, May you be peaceful and at ease, May you be happy."  Truthfully, saying "loving kindness" or "metta" (the poly word for lovingkindness) or even "love" is enough.