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A brand new Stories by Claudia and some changes here.

For the last six months or so, Super Steve and I have been working to create a better Stories by Claudia.

I wanted a clean, well-organized site that was easy to use from any device.

Super Steve wanted a site that was super functional and lightning speed fast.

We're both pretty excited about the new Stories by Claudia.

The site is designed as a reading site. You can go there and read everything I've written. We took the time to organize things by series, and in easy to use sections.

For the Denver Cereal, you click on the Denver Cereal icon and are directed to a page with all of the books on it. There you'll find all of Denver Cereal by chapter.

If you're looking for the latest Denver Cereal chapters, just click on "Latest Chapters". You can also sign up to receive Denver Cereal chapters, or any other series, via email.

You'll find a section that's everything Alex the Fey. From the Fey to Alex Talks, if it's about Alex, it's in this section. There's a section for the Queen of Cool, and the Seth and Ava Mysteries too.

At the very bottom of the home page, you'll find all the extras - Alex the Fey stories, Song Stories, and Flash fiction.

What does that mean for On a Limb?

I'm moving all of my fiction to Stories by Claudia.

On a limb will remain as my personal blog where I talk about my life, my thoughts, writing, kindness, bees, gardens, and other random things.

If you read The Denver Cereal here, you will soon only be able to read it at Stories by Claudia.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience. We now have so many sites that the sheer maintenance of them has become a burden. Moving everything to one, easy to use site, allows us to stay on top of the site maintenance, as well as provide you with a great place to read.

Please join me in a round of applause for Super Steve who made the recreation of Stories by Claudia happen.