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April 21, 2008


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Mr. Fabulous

I didn't know that about eagles. They never show you the misses on those documentaries.


I risk nothing for I have nothing to risk. My wife, the only earthly care I have, is well behind my back and death; not simply failure to any that attack my love.

OG just move forward, when you get a reject ask yourself not if the work is good enough but was the fish to fast for the eagle, because the eagle come out of the sun and the fish saw, the descending shadow? The eagle is not a failure 70% of the time but rather a success 30%.

In the wilds as with any art world acceptance this would be an astounding success rate.

Aleichem Shalom



I can't think of anything for which I risk notable failure this week. Perhaps that means I am not striving hard enough for success.


I fail with a tenacity unforeseen by eagle-kind

Open Grove Claudia

Fabbie - That's why this is such a great photo - a photo of reality, eh?

Mark - And you are so right. I don't risk the love of D or my little Rosie. And 30% success is better than most things.... Great perspective.

ECD - Or you're just having a light week - good for you! :)

FuriousBall - It only feels that way. You have a lot of success too.

Dr. John

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. To be a writer you have to write. Every rejection will push you toward the day you make it. I almost dropped out of my Doctor's Degree program because the thesis of one of my friends seemed so much better than mine and I didn't want to be humiliated.


I overheard a conversation in Barnes Noble; a photographer was talking to her clients. After they were done, I followed her outside and talked to her, about photography, about mentoring, etc. She told me in addition to photographing weddings and babies, she teaches, conducts workshops and does one on one work. And how did I come to be at Barnes Noble that day? I was supposed to be on a photo shoot, but I had a flat and had to drop my car off to get it fixed (needed a new tire).


I always loved the quote, "Remember, great love and great achievements involve great risk"

Not that I follow that a lot. I just like it.

Los Angelista

I've abandoned my novel for like two months because I've just been thinking that it's completely awful and that there are loads of better writers than me. I am challenging myself to get back to it this week. I really owe it to myself to do it.


What a wonderful quote and photo ? timely reminder for all of us. Best wishes on your next steps ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Open Grove Claudia

Dr. John - I'm delighted you finished. I wonder what drew you to continue?

Janet - Hurray for taking a chance. My fingers are crossed that it goes well!

Kelly - Ew I like that quote! Who said that?

Los Angelista - I'm excited to read your novel! Get to work! ;) (Maybe if we hold hands, we can move forward together?)

Storyteller - I do like the quote!


It's so hard to get back to "normal" life after the wedding and the cruise *sigh*. I am looking for a new job, not happy where I am right now. That's is my big task and I shall not fail! :o))))


You've got to keep moving forward...no matter what...
This week, I'm saying yes to life!!!!

Open Grove Claudia

Ivanhoe - Good luck with the new job! I know it's really hard to get back to "normal" life - kind of a let down... I'm rooting for you!

Odat - Hurray for yes to life! I admire your courage.


can't wait to take a risk and do what i've been only talking about for weeks. better to try and fail than fail b/c you didn't try. (sometimes platitudes are so comforting)


If at first your don't suceed...

You're much braver than I. I'm such a wimp at doing things I fear I'll fail at. Good luck, you can dooo it!


(disclaimer: working on little sleep and silliness...) hhmmm...I think I can see the words "oh, maaaaaan!!!" forming on that eagle's mouth..yep...sure can!! But then he saw the camera (eagle eyes, ya know...) and acted all chill...

heart in san francisco

Don't forget that the eagle succeeds 30% of the time.

I wish you great good luck with your venture. The only humiliation is when we don't take chances and waste our abilities.

Michael C

I wish you the very best of luck!!! I too want to forward my writing career. Maybe this is the week I hit of newspaper editors!! Go get 'em Claudia!!

Open Grove Claudia

Jameil - You know I'm rooting for you! You can do it!

Jill - Just older... just older...

Claudia - Of course, I saw "for fuck's sake" but that's just me....

Heart in SF - Well said - yes, a waste of abilities is humiliating.

Michael C - That's a great idea Michael. Our newspapers even look for bloggers to help with their website! Good luck!

Ian Thomas Healy

Hi Claudia! Good luck with your submissions. It's a terrible thing to let our babies go out into the wide world like that, knowing that they're going to get rejected over and over again.

But that one phone call makes it all worthwhile. And that call will come someday when you least expect it.

Best of luck to you! Hope you'll come back by my place again...



I love the quote. I fail daily with great glee. Now I feel much better because I think I have a better average then the eagles. Well, maybe not!

Open Grove Claudia

Ian - I'm looking forward to the phone ringing... any day now....

HRH - Hurray for beating an eagle's odds! whoo hoo!!

Susan Helene Gottfried

Ooh, yeah. Instead of thinking about failing, I think about what I'll learn. That helps soften the blow.


what a great quote and piece of info. i had no idea eagles were such slouches.

no really..........you list of risks I need to print out and look at myself.....these are the fears i harbour. they are the ones stopping me from making the next step with my own writing.

the risks this week? i'm back at the front of the classroom again after a long hiatus. I love teaching but it had been a while and I didn't know if I still had it. It felt like a huge risk...........and so far, so good.

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