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Please come to Denver...

You've heard the song.

"Please come to Denver with the snowfall We'll move up into the mountains so far that we can't be found Throw 'I love you' echoes down the canyon And then lie awake at night 'til they come back around Please come to Denver"

--Dave Loggins, "Please come to Boston"

There are a few more reasons to come to Denver.   In preparation for the Democratic Convention in Denver, let's review some of the latest Denver facts.

Condom use is high in Denver. Beds? maybe not.

Denver is the most lustful city in the United States (Forbes). This finding is based on over the counter condom and contraceptive purchases.  Of course, that could easily mean that since Denver was one of three major AIDS transmission centers in the United States, people are careful.  But more likely, people hate going to the doctor.   (See #3)

Martini? How about seven?

Denver is the drunkest city in the US (Men's Health).  My pride over our drunkenness has only increased since I first reported this finding.

unfriendly? moi?

And of course, Denver is one of the  most unfriendly cities in the US (Oh, you name it).  This is so regularly reported that I don't have a link.  One year, Miami was number 1 but Denver was 2.  I'm certain our competitive spirit will kick in this year and we'll be back on top....

We have lust.

We have booze.

But we sure a shit aren't going to be your friend.

You can see why it's the perfect place for the Democratic Convention this year....