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Your path.

"Having finished teaching a student, the guru sets the student off into the night to his home. The guru gives his student a lamp, says goodbye, and leaves him on the doorway.

"The student stands in the dark.? Lifting the lamp up high, he cannot see the road ahead. Fearful, he knocks on the guru?s door.

?Master, master,? the student says, ?I cannot see my way home!?

The guru replies, ?Look down and what do you see??

?I see the ground, master, and my feet, but no more."

?Then you can get home,? replies the guru. ?Each step you take is illuminated. Each step you take is sure-footed. Take one step at a time, and you will get home safely.? --Toni Allen (edited for clarity)


I love this story.

And I know this fact:? You must be on the right path to actually make it home.

What path are you walking on?? Are you sure it's the path that's right for you?? If so, how would you know?

Happy Monday!