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Writing #9 - Want live your dream of being a professional author? Stay inspired

Daily inspiration = success

Let's face it.

It's hard to stay motivated.

Yes, the story is amazing. Yes, it's a huge responsibility. Yes, this is a fabulous career.

But it's not easy.

The worst time for me is when I'm in the middle of a book. I can't see the beginning and the end is no where in site. I don't know if the words I'm laying down, sentence after sentence, make any sense or if I will eventually cut them all.

I'm just there -- treading water, hoping to read a distant shore some day.

And that's while writing a book.

Try staying inspired while everyone around you tells you that you're working too hard or your goals are too difficult to achieve. The last Alex the Fey book, I had three well meaning, close friends tell me that there was no way I'd make my February deadline. They encouraged me to stop writing and take a break. They were sure it was all too much for me.

They were close friends!

That's not to mention all the wankers and fools who tell me day in and day out in a variety of ways that there is no way I can make a living as an author -- even though I've been doing it for quite some time.

"You know, if everyone says it, it must be true," said the crazy lady who lived on my street when I was growing up.


When everyone says something, they say it because they don't know any better. They are repeating what they think they should say or possibly what's helpful.

It's hard.

But that's the job.

If it wasn't hard, we'd all be authors. Right?

How I stay motivated

I make a habit of getting inspired every single day.

I listen to a lot of audio inspirational programs. I read inspirational books, blogs, and magazines. I follow inspirational people on Twitter and Facebook.

Here's a few of the tools I use:

What gets you inspired? What do you do? I'd love to hear!