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Writing #5 : Do it now! Write your story. Share it with the world.

What if our only competition was ourselves? Usain Bolt

Image taken by Darren Hardy in the Hong Kong Airport.

Write your story! Share it with others! Do it now!

It's my belief that all stories come, fully formed, from the ether or God or the Universe.

These stories come to us for a reason. They come to us to be shared with other people.

Who are you to hold onto your story until you...

...get an agent.

...find the right buyer.

...get it published by a corporate publisher.

...get everything right.

...make enough money.

A story was entrusted to you, by the Universe or God or the ether, it is your job to usher it to other people.

Why is this so important? Who cares about another story?

We are living in the middle of a huge crisis of hope. Worse than the 1930s worldwide "Great Depression," where people found life to be unbearably hard and overwhelming, the "Great Loss of Hope" has people feeling like life is pointless.

In the Great Depression, people felt like it was unbearably hard and overwhelming for everyone. They were all in the same boat. Sure, there were a few rich people around, but you didn't know them. Together, the collective "us" had survived World War I and the beginning of the industrial age. The world was changing so fast that people felt overwhelmed by the change. Yet, in one way or another, they had each other.

Now, people feel like their lives don't matter and that they don't matter. We are isolated. We aren't connected with our families or even our friends. And the prevailing thought is that the entire game is rigged. There's no way to get ahead or make your life better. Everything is hopeless.

One outcome of this Great Loss of Hope is a worldwide suicide epidemic.

Here are some of the chilling numbers:

  • 22 veterans kill themselves every single day.
  • 46 people jumped off the Golden Gate bridge in 2013, more than any other year in history.
  • 1 million people worldwide will kill themselves this year.

The antidote to the Great Loss of Hope is stories. Good stories. Bad stories. Funny stories.

Stories connect us.

Stories remind us that we aren't alone.

Stories show us that we're not experiencing something new or unusual.

Stories can teach us a way out of our loss of hope to a better life.

World needs your stories

So get writing. Write until your fingers fall off. Then share your story with anyone who will read it.

Stop waiting for everything to be perfect.

Stop waiting for the big contract.

Stop researching, over editing, worrying, and procrastinating.

You might just save a life, give someone hope, or simply entertain them long enough for them to get through another day.

Get cracking!