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Writing #11 : Ah Shit! Something blew up!

Everything fell apart!

Ah Shit! Something blew up!

I know I said that I'd write about our non-Wordpress solutions today, but something blew up! My plan was pushed aside in order to change passwords due to the Heardbleed bug.  Again. I changed most of them yesterday, but the list keeps changing and growing.

And this happens. A lot.

What do you do when things blow up?

I know what "they" say.

"Don't let the world disrupt your plans."

"Get up before anyone on the planet is awake so that you can get your work done before the interruptions start."

"Value yourself and your work more than anything else in your life."


The truth is that, unless you are a person who has zero relationships with human beings, animals and websites, you're going to find yourself and your work interrupted by life.

And honestly?

This is your life. Your work is not more important than your partner's health, an event at your kids school, a chat with your ill neighbor, your websites getting hacked, a trip to the pharmacy for meds for your dog, or whatever else comes up.

Trust me. You're not going to be on your deathbed wishing you'd written a few more lines. You'll wish you had one more minute with the people who love you.

Be flexible. Be present.

Deal with what's in front of you with all of your heart and soul. Set your writing work aside and really be there. Bring your A-game and hold nothing back. Your life deserves that quality of your attention.

What do you do when the crisis is over?

Settle in and get something done. Sounds good right?

It's nearly impossible to do! Your heart is racing. Your mind is still spitting out solutions to the already resolved crisis. Your body wants to run after a gazelle or whatever. You're in the cortisone zone.

How do you do settle down after the panic?

That's a great question. What helps settle you down?

Here's three things I do:

1. I use the Holosync tapes by Centerpointe. They are amazing for creating razer sharp focus so that if I only have an hour to work, I can actually get something done.

2. I take a 20-minute nap. This is a trick from polyphasic sleeping. You can recreate the focus of the morning by taking a short nap. I use the pzizz mp3s. Twenty minutes and I'm ready to start again.

3. I watch video interviews. My favorites are from the Daily Show with John Stewart, the Colbert Report, or Charlie Rose. But I've been known to watch interviews of people from the talk shows as well. It's a great break and allows me to listen to how people talk - which helps my writing.

The real question is - what works for you?

Make your own list and keep it near you.

No matter what little chart you've seen, I guarantee that every author you can think of has to deal with disruptions. They also know how to get back in the zone.

So what's it going to take for you?


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