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Writer's Wednesday : Pet peeves.

Pet peeves

What can I say? I spend my days with words and have developed a few pet peeves. Here's an incomplete list

  • ALL RIGHT not alright
  • A LOT not alot.
  • "He said, 'toast'." <--British "He said, 'toast.'" <--US.  The British grammar makes more sense here.
  • OK <--this is the correct spelling of okay, however it looks like you're shouting. I'm hoping to launch a revolution for Ok.
  • Any number that is written like this: 8, instead of like this: eight, is going to stop the reader's eye.
  • The word 'said' should be used unless you're indicating sound volume.

  • ESPRESSO not expresso - no matter what they say in Seattle.
  • INSURE is used only for insurance related issues.

What are your pet peeves?