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Write a lot? Here's one way I keep up.

Right now, in 2011, I write two serial fictions - Denver Cereal and the Queen of Cool - as well as the Alex the Fey thrillers. I also write blogs, guest posts, and various marketing pieces. It's not uncommon for me to write between ten thousand and forty thousand words a week over multiple story lines.  (For comparison, most NaNoWriMo books are fifty thousand words.)

Because I am so prolific, people often ask me how I do it.

One key is that I type really fast. I took typing in high school on an old fashioned non-electric keyboard. I've worked as a typesetter as well as a word processor. In fact, word processing is my 'go to' skill that I use to make money while I get established in new cities.

Because I type fast, and so much, I break keyboards. In 2010, I went through three keyboards. Two standard keyboards and one wireless. Of course, the wireless keyboard lagged for so long that I thought if I pounded it against the desk, it might clear up. (I wouldn't recommend it.)

Around this time last year, I asked my friend Amir what keyboard he used and bought what he bought. He recommended that I get  SteelSeries 6Gv2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


Here, in my first video appearance since my mother followed my sisters and I around with a video recorder in the 1970s, I describe my keyboarding needs, how and why this works for me.

Does your keyboard impact your writing productivity? If so, what are your solutions?

P.S. My book business coach, Dan Blank, believes that people are interested in my life as an author. Personally, I think my life is pretty dull. But if you have questions, thought, or want to know something specific, shoot me and email or leave a comment - chc