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"Would Paddie say 'bedclothes'?" Question from a reader

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One of the reasons that I am dedicated to writing traditional serial fiction is this kind of contact with readers. I hear from readers almost every day on the Facebook page. I get email from readers fairly often.?

On March 29th, I received an email from SC asking about Paddie.  Rather than keep the email private, I've decided to share the question and my answer with everyone (with the questioners approval, of course.)

Here's what he asked:

"Katy and Paddie are always so entertaining! But, would Paddie really say 'bedclothes' instead of jimmies, pjs or pajamas?"

The sentence in questions: “It’s cold out,” Paddie said. “We’re in our bedclothes.” (from Chapter 412: Reweaving part 4)

Here's my response:

First of all, I love that you wrote me a note! Thank you. It shows the trust you have in me not be like, "f-u, this is art." lol!

Okay, Paddie. Paddie is a weirdo kid. I spent an hour or so thinking about. I wondered if it was me or if it was Paddie speaking. I have to say that I now stick with "bedclothes." Here's why --

We should remember that he's now held the Sword of Truth for almost two years. This is a powerful object which would affect him.

His father travels a lot. He spends his time with his mother and Katy's family, but quite a bit of his time is spent with the Irish guys who run the rooming house next door. He's also going to a fairly swanky school. He's had a lot of random wild experiences. So his language would be a mixture of british, american, adult, and child.

All of that said, I have to tell you that Paddie and Katy are what I call "always" characters. They jumped into my mind fully formed. They speak or don't speak the way that they do. Their adventures come and go on their time schedule, when they insist on being involved. They are what they are. Alex Hargreaves, John Drayson, and Max are also always characters.

Paddie was Paddie long before his father was "Colin," "Collin," "Calum" or any of the other names he might have been named. He is and always will be exactly who he is. This is why I had to spend so much time considering your question.

What do you think? Would you change "bedclothes"?

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