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Winner - dumbest moment, quality control.

I love the Business 2.O 101 dumbest moments in business.? It make me laugh to see the dumb things people do. It also inspires me.? I mean really I do can't possibly be as dumb. Right?

Here's my favorite:? The Winner - Dumbest Moment - Quality Control

                    Oh, like "monosodium benzoate" tastes so much better...

Mick Woods purchases a package of cooked ham made by British food processor H.R. Hargreaves & Son. After reviewing the complete list of ingredients, which includes "dog shit," he loses his appetite.

Hargreaves fires the employee responsible for the prank and begins a recall of the mislabeled packages.

Now really, can you screw up more that that?

Close your office door and check out the 10 Grand Prize winners.? You'll laugh.