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Win the peace.

Peace Globe

"Don't plan for the war unless you plan to win the peace."  Thomas Barnett

We know how to create war.  We war with our neighbors.  We wage war on drugs.  War storms across our hearts as we see our ex-lovers.  We conquer our video game enemies.

War is easy.

How do we win peace?

My country has a long history of waring.  From the inception of the United States, we have warred in almost every square mile of the country.

What about the peace?

My country sucks at winning peace.

We sent the Native Americans on a journey called the "Trail of Tears".  We continue to punish the Southern states for the Civil War.   Even Leonard Peltier is still in prison.

We can't win peace inside our own country, why would we expect to win peace in other countries?

Thomas P.M. Barnett presents a practical, logical approach to winning peace in this video from the TED conference.  Take some time today to watch.  He's funny, interesting, and (since he's advised the Pentagon for decades) knows what he's talking about.

For the sake of clarity, I hate war.  I hate everything about every single war that is going on in the world right now.  I hate everything about all of the wars that will start tomorrow.

The only thing I hate more than war is a pointless war, a war where peace is not an option.

It's time for us to create a system that will win peace.

P.S.  For tomorrow's TT, I'll return to my life - and how I create peace in my world.